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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
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Australia Agriculture and Natural Resources
Sydney, Australia

Terms: ABS-SP
Description: Australia is dependent on export markets for their agricultural products. Students will experience Australian agriculture and culture, while visiting farms (livestock, crops and horticulture) along with seeing some of the popular tourist [...]
Beijing, China; Shanghai, China; Xi'an, China

Terms: ABS-SP
Description: Thank you for your interest in the China ABS program. Unfortunately, this program has been cancelled. Please contact Briana Litz, Study Abroad Advisor, with any questions! This ABS program will showcase the following in China:     •[...]
Costa Rica and Spanish Language
Heredia, Costa Rica; Samara, Costa Rica

Terms: Summer
Description: This summer, immerse yourself in the Spanish language and beautiful landscapes of Costa Rica, the land of “pura vida!” During the five-week program guided by SDSU faculty, students will live, study, and participate in excursio ns[...]
Euroace-International Internships in Spain
Valencia, Spain

Terms: SDSU Internship
Description: Study Spanish language and potentially participate in an internship in the beautiful city, Valencia! Students can participate in a variety of internships that are customized to the needs of each student.  SPANISH + INTERNSHIP PROGRAM 4 wee k[...]
Germany: Technology, Culture and History First-Hand
Berlin, Germany; Ingolstadt, Germany

Terms: Summer
Description: This program through Germany is ideal for German, Global Studies, Engineering, and History students or for anyone who is interested in learning about one of the most advanced countries in Europe. On this journey, we will visit major German ci ties,[...]
Hike the Great Wall: Life and Health in Taiwan and China
Beijing, China; Kunming, China; Shenyang, China; Taichung, Taiwan; Xi'an, China

Terms: Summer
Description: This program has been cancelled due to under enrollment. Please check back next year. Hike the Great Wall: Life and Health in Taiwan and China will permit students to explore food, culture, healthcare practices in two Asian countries— Taiwan[...]
Honors in Indonesia - Textiles and Trade Routes
Jakarta, Indonesia

Terms: SP-Honors
Description: The Honors in Indonesia is now closed with the maximum number of students we can take along.  Check back near year for another exciting opportunity!  This course is designed to complement the Honors study abroad experience in Indonesia d uring[...]
Italian Sketch Crawl 1: SU 2018 Sketch New Surroundings and Understandings- 5/6/18 to 5/27/18
Naples, Italy; Perugia, Italy; Rome, Italy; Sicily, Italy

Terms: SU-School of Design
Description: Italian Sketch Crawl 1: Sketch New Surroundings and Understandings-05/06/2018 to 05/27/2018 Investigate design trends of Italian landscape, architecture and communities both ancient and modern. Centered around four major regions of Italy: Sicily [...]
Italy: Leadership in the Workplace Spring Break
Florence, Italy; Rome, Italy

Terms: Spring Break
Description: Matt Tollefson, Teri Johnson and Shelly Bayer  have put together a new and dynamic program for Spring Break 2018 with a focus on leadership and your start on your career path.  In Italy, both Rome and Florence, students will explore th e[...]
Jönköping, Sweden - Summer School 2018
Jönköping, Sweden

Terms: Summer
Description: The Summer School of Jonkoping University 2018 consists of one 10 credits course given by the School of Engineering. The course Purchasing Logistics with a Global Perspective is open to international students from around the world interested [...]
Kansas City-School of Design 2018
Kansas City, MO, United States

Terms: SP-School of Design
Description: This is an opportunity for students to travel to Omaha and Kansas City for 3 days of museums, galleries, and cultural activities. School of Design faculty leaders will provide a program that will visit The Bemis Center for the Arts, Kemper [...]
Korea, Japan, and China-School of Design SU 2018
Beijing, China; Seoul, Korea, South; Tokyo, Japan

Terms: SU-School of Design
Description: This is a program being designed by Dr. Young Ae Kim in the School of Design.  Please contact her for details on this program at  Costs are coming soon. 
Purpan Agriculture and Food Science Program/Internship in Toulouse, France
Toulouse, France

Terms: SDSU Internship
Description: This program takes place in Toulouse, France and has an on campus portion and a farm stay portion.  Students will be on-campus from Monday May 28th  to Friday, June 22nd.    You may arrive as early as Saturday, May 26th (pick [...]
SDSU Internships-HDFS
Europe-Multiple Locations-List on Itinerary, European countries

Terms: SDSU Internship
Description: This site is for HDFS students doing an International Internship to sign SDSU documents.  Be sure you are registered for the credits you need for the Internship/Practicum experience, and provide us with your airline itinerary so that we can enro ll[...]
Service-Learning in Belize SP Break
Belize City, Belize

Terms: Spring Break
Description: Students-If you have applied for this program and see that you are still Pending, Dr. Moeller will make a decision about Acceptance by October 10, 2017.   This cross-generational program partners with a Spanish Nazarene parochial school [...]
Spring Break in Mexico
Guanajuato, Mexico; Queretaro, Mexico; San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Terms: Spring Break
Description: Looking for a Spring Break 2018 program? Explore Mexican life and culture, gain an important perspective on US/Mexican relations, and better understand our neighbor to the south. During this spring break program, you will get a first-h and[...]
Vietnam & Cambodia - Food Production, Culture and History
Hanoi, Vietnam

Terms: Spring Break
Description: This program has been cancelled by the faculty leader due to low enrollment-12/06/2017.  Check out this Youtube video for more information! We will explore the food production, culture, and history of Vietnam and Cambodia during this 1 0[...]
Jonkoping University-SDSU Exchange
Jönköping, Sweden

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring, Summer
Description: Location Jönköping University is in the heart of Jönköping, Sweden, a beautiful and clean southern city of about 120,000 on the lower tip of Lake Vättern, one of Sweden's largest fresh water lakes. J&oum l;nköping[...]
Linnaeus University-SDSU Exchange (Exchange)
Vaxjo, Sweden

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: Location Linnaeus University lies just south of the city center of Växjö, Sweden, in the southern lake distrcit. A city of 75,000, Växjö has excellent shopping, restaurants and direct air access to Europe. You ca n[...]
Manchester Metropolitan University-SDSU Exchange (Exchange)
Manchester, United Kingdom

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: http:// Location Manchester Metropolitan University is in the heart of Manchester, England. Manchester is a diverse city of 2.5 million which is located in the country's northwest. Manchester has many restaurants, great shoppi ng,[...]
National Polytechnic Institute Toulouse SDSU Exchange
Toulouse, France

Terms: Fall, Spring
Description: Location The National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse (NPIT) is based in Toulouse, France. Toulouse is a city of 44,000 people located in southwestern France, near the Pyrenees. Toulouse is the fourth largest city in France. You can visit any lo cation[...]
University of Salford SDSU Exchange (Exchange)
Manchester, United Kingdom

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: *Students must be in Athletic Training program at SDSU to participate in the University of Salford program. Location The University of Salford is located in the heart of Salford, just 2 miles from Manchester city centre. The University of Salfo rd[...]
University of Winnipeg-SDSU Exchange (Exchange)
Winnipeg, Canada

Terms: Academic Year, Fall, Spring
Description: Location The University of Winnipeg is a public university in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Winnipeg is the capital and largest city of the province of Manitoba. Winnipeg has a population of 663,615. The University of Winnipeg is located minutes a way[...]