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General Education Abroad information

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Welcome, students!

If you have found your way to this page, you may be interested in Education Abroad at South Dakota State University!  And we are thrilled to help you find just the right program. 

Education Abroad is an umbrella term for the many international engagement opportunities available for all students attending SDSU.  First, incoming freshman students can take advantage of our Jacks Start Abroad programs that will provide an amazing start to their college experience. Go to Jacks Start Abroad!   

In addition, our programs for SDSU students in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th (even 5th) year are called Jacks Abroad Programs!  
These programs are for students who want to:  
  • Study in a classroom abroad
  • Take part in an internship abroad
  • Volunteer for a local organization
  • Participate in an SDSU faculty-led program that takes place in an international location
Students in good standing at SDSU have a variety of education abroad options open to them, depending on their major, language proficiency (or desire to study in English), the amount of time they would like to spend overseas, as well as their long-term career goals. The three main types of education abroad options are provider programs, exchanges and faculty-led programs. Check out just some of our programs here.


Provider Programs

SDSU has partnerships with four different organizations that we call providers.  Providers offer SDSU students programs in all subject areas and on all continents. These provider organizations are approved by the SD Board of Regents, are reputable and have strong connections in education abroad. Typically, they also have in-country staff who are there to assist students with any academic, social, or housing concerns. The majority of SDSU education abroad students choose one of these options and you can see more of what is available by browsing their sites. Learn more about CAPACIEE, and ISA.

Another provider option for students is what we call ISEP Direct. Students pay ISEP for tuition, fees, and housing. Students then typically pay for meals, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses on their own while abroad. Students also pay for a required Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) insurance plan and risk management fee and are billed at SDSU. 



ISEP Exchange

Often the most economical of the education abroad options, exchanges programs give students a top-level international educational experience. At SDSU, students can participate in an exchange program through ISEP Exchange, a consortium of exchange-providing institutions, and pay the cost to attend SDSU. Students pay for 12 credits of SDSU self-support tuition, SDSU housing (price is similar to Jackrabbit Village), an SDSU Silver Meal plan, and a required CISI insurance plan and risk management fee. Students pay for transportation costs, books/supplies, and miscellaneous expenses on their own. Learn more about ISEP Exchanges.

SDSU Exchange

There are also SDSU bilateral exchange options. This means that SDSU has created partnerships with a few universities worldwide where we send students from SDSU to their campus and accept students at SDSU from the partner at other times. If you are interested, we will nominate you to the partner and they will send you their application. If accepted, SDSU students pay for 12 credits of off-campus tuition at SDSU along with the required CISI insurance plan and risk management fee. Students will pay for housing, meals, books/supplies, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses on their own before or right after they arrive at the partner/host university. Currently, our partner universities include:

Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led programs allow students to travel and study with a group of other local students, led by SDSU faculty. The subject areas are diverse and specialized, ranging from a program on Global Perspectives in Morocco to a Spanish and Service Learning opportunity in Guatemala. This is a great option for anyone who wants a short-term education abroad experience, or for first-time travelers. Learn more about Faculty-Led Programs.

Virtual Programs

COVID-19 has inspired a whole new area for students who may have many reasons for not being able to physically go abroad. Virtual International Connections Programs have been really strong and students have taken part in professional development programs, internships with global companies, and have studied hundreds of topics by bringing the world to you at home! Talk to us about all you can do virtually.