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Program Development Grant


For developing new faculty-led study abroad programs

 Application Guidelines:

  1. Download the Program Development Grant application and complete it as a Word document.
  2. Submit the form, along with the required narrative, to Sally A Gillman, Coordinator for Study Abroad.
  3. Have the chair of your department and the dean of your college submit an email to Sally Gillman, indicating support of your program development, noting any financial support that will be provided by the college and/or department.
  4. Application deadline: Program Development grant applications are considered year-round, on a rolling basis. Applications should be submitted (with all attachments and letters of support) at least one month prior to anticipated travel.
  5. Funding may be available for up to 75% of the proposed site visit cost, for ONE faculty member.

Narrative Instructions:

Submit with your application a narrative of two to five pages (in Word format), which addresses ALL of the following five points:
  1. Academic profile of the proposed program:
    • What is the program’s academic subject matter?
    • What are the student learning outcomes of the proposed program?
    • Will internships, service learning, community engagement or field research be a part of the proposed program? Is so, briefly describe.
    • How will field trips/excursions, guest speakers and/or other aspects of the host culture and environment complement and be integrated into the academic program and courses?
  2. Student profile: what are the minimal, as well as desired, student qualifications for the program? Are there any academic prerequisites for participating in the program?
  3. Program site:
    • Location: Will the program be based in one location or move to additional locations? (not including excursions)
    • Housing: What are the anticipated student housing arrangements? Faculty leader(s) housing arrangements?
    • Transportation: How will program participants move around during the program (public transportation, chartered buses, etc.)
  4. Safety, Security and Health:  what are possible health and/or safety risks associated with this program location?
  5. Student Learning and Development:
    • What pre-departure orientation is envisioned for this program?
    • How will students’ cross-cultural learning be facilitated on-site?
    • What post-program events or activities might be planned to help students process their study abroad experience?