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Faculty-Led Proposal Timeline and Deadlines

 April 1 

  • Deadline for the new online faculty-led program proposals and veteran program renewals for the following year are due to Department Heads and Directors
  • After approval by Department Heads/Directors, the College Deans will review for approval
  • After the College Dean has approved the program, the Office of International Affairs will be notified 

April 15 

  • Office of International Affairs reviews all approved proposals internally 

April 22 

  • Office of International Affairs will communicate outcomes to faculty directors, Department Heads/Directors and Deans 

May 1 

  • Announce annual slate of Faculty-Led programs for the following year
  • Office of International Affairs works on a summer work plan with program leaders
  • While faculty directors may be off contract, they will need to answer emails if necessary 
  • Approved Faculty-Led programs for Spring Break, Spring and Summer programs will run 

September 1 

  • An announcement for the Online Proposal Process of Faculty-Led programs in the next academic year will be sent to all faculty 

September 10 

  • Information sessions for new program leaders will be held on or near September 10th and prior to the Education Abroad Fair 
 October 10
  • An additional workshop for new program leaders will be offered and coordinated with CETL on or near October 10th. Veteran program leaders do are not required to attend this workshop but must submit intent to run their programs in the next academic with their Department Head by April 1 

November 1 

  • A reminder e-mail will go out to all faculty regarding the April 1 deadline for the next year’s programs on or near November 1 
  • Confirm all students on approved Faculty-Led programs for Spring and Spring Break
  • Coordinate and collaborate with program leaders to confirm predeparture programming 

December 1 

  • Confirm all students for May/Summer Faculty-Led Programs
  • Coordinate and collaborate with faculty program directors to confirm predeparture programming 

December & January 

  • Approved Faculty-Led programs for Winter break programs