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Documents to sign to be Accepted on a program

In order to be accepted on any of the Education Abroad programs, we ask you to read 3 documents.  
1.  The Behavior Agreement Document-students must agree to abide of the SDSU Code of Conduct and conduct them selves in an appropriate manner while
     abroad on an academic program.  Signing this document means you can accept what is written and will conduct yourself accordingly. 
2.  The Acceptance of Risk, Release and Waiver Document-students must agree to the terms set forth by SDSU in terms of the risks involved on a program that
     goes abroad.  The document lays out what is SDSU's responsiblity and what is the student's responsibilty. Signing this document means you can accept what is 
     written and will conduct yourself accordingly. 
3.  The Payment and & Withdrawal Document-students must read the information that lays out how programs are managed and paid for at SDSU.  This document
     also outlines the steps a student must take to withdraw from a program at the different stages of program preparation. 

After acceptance on a program, students will receive an email and will be asked to open their portal page.  There will be two boxes at the top of the student's portal page.  One box will permit the student to Commit to going on the program.  Those students will then be on the roster for that particular abroad program.  The other box permits the student to Decline their acceptance where upon he or she will be withdrawn from the program.